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Mentor Programme Student Testimonial

From a team, named Roomly

“We had been considering testing our idea on a new platform, outside “the walls of the university”, for a couple of months when we suddenly came across the mentor programme as an opportunity. After applying, an experienced mentor immediately took us under his wing and inspired us all the way to the competition. To our surprise, in a rather short period of time, we moved on from a mere idea phase to a complete application and after a few months, we could hold the first visualised design plans in our hands. What’s more, the first startup competition has been an excellent opportunity to bring our own ideas to test against others’, even within a competitive situation. No doubt, I am just happy to recommend the programme to people who deeply believe in their own ideas and are not afraid to show it to others, or if they are not satisfied with only seeing it on paper or a screen, but want to hold it in their own hands. Go and dream big too!”

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