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Reducing the flood risk through floodplain restoration along the Danube River and tributaries

National Administration ”Romanian Waters” (LB)

University of Natural Resources and Life Science Vienna, Danube River Basin Directorate, Croatian Waters – Legal entity for water management, Morava River Basin Authority, Technical University of Munich, Catholic University of Eichstaett-Ingolstadt, Middle Tisza District Water Directorate, University of Szeged, Slovak Water Management Enterprise, Water Research Institute, Slovenian Water Agency, Ministry of Water and Forests, National Institute for Hydrology and Water Management, World Wide Fund Danube Carpathian Association Romania, World Wide Fund for Nature Hungary, Global Water Partnership Central and Eastern Europe

The main objective of the project is improving transnational water management and flood risk prevention while maximizing benefits for biodiversity conservation. The expected change is improved knowledge, among the countries located within Danube River Basin, related to integrative water management through restoration of floodplains, combination of classical and green infrastructure, natural retention measures, involving all related stakeholders.


“BABYROHU” – Babies across Borders

Timis County (LB)

Emergency Clinical County Hospital Pius Brinzeu, University of Szeged

Connecting the Health Services in the Field of Obstetrics- Gynecology and Neonatal Care berween Emergency Clinical County Hospital Pius Brinzeu and the Pediatric Clinic of Szeged

Trolley 2.0

Trolley Systems 4 Smart Cities

Trolleymotion (AT) (LB)

SZKT (HU), TU Dresden (DE), UNIV Gdansk (PL), Barnimer Busgesellschaft (DE), evopro/Ikarus (HU), SZTE, Fransen (NL), TU Delft (NL)

Trolley 2.0 focuses on the improvement of public transport which is already today the number one congestion killer in urban areas and electric public transport has a high potential to also reduce CO2 and other transport related emissions, e.g. particulate matters or noise.


SASMob – Smart Alliance for Sustainable Mobility

Szeged Megyei Jogú Város Önkormányzata (LB)

Szeged Pólus Fejlesztési Nonprofit Kft., SZTE, REC, SZKT, DAKK, EPAM, ITSH, SZKHT, PICK, CAS

The SASMob project builds a data-driven and responsive IT-system through the partnership of public entities, private businesses and transport providers in Szeged to progress towards environmentally friendly urban mobility.